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Walmart rivals Amazon

According to The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg American multinational retail corporation Wal-Mart has interest in buying Jet.com.  Jet.com is a American e-commerce company established last year by entrepreneur Marc Lore, Mike Hanrahan and Nate Fraust. Jet.com is considerd to be a competitor of amazon.com.  

Loss after loss

The Wall Steet Journal and Bloomberg both are skeptical about the deal, they are not sure if this is a wise decision by Walmart. It is not clear how much Walmart wants to pay to acquire the e-commerce company. Walmart can use a boost in the e-commerce division, despite the billions of US dollars Walmart has invested the last few year the company is taking loss after loss. The loss this last quarter was the ninth in a row.  


Lore and Amazon

Marco Lore sold his last company Quidsi Inc, which holds Diapers.com and Soap.com in its portfolio to Amazon for 545 million US dollars in 2011. After that he worked for Amazon for two years. The success of websites like Diapers.com was due to the customer service. Customer service was very important for all the channels, all the shipments where sent in colored boxes with a personal note. Each year the company dedicated $1 million on gift coupons for loyal customers.

Quidsi was booming and it distressed Amazon, in 2010 Quidsi made a total turnover of $300 million. Subsequently Amazon lowerd it´s diaper prices which lowerd the profit of Quidsi. Eventually Lore and co-founder Vinit Bharara sold their company to Amazon.





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