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Record year Passive Investment funds $347 Billion

The year 2015 was a record year for passive investment funds. In total over the year $347 billion flowed in the exchange-traded funds or etf’s reports bloomberg  according to statistics from BlackRock

This total exceeds the total of 2014, in that year funds gathered a total of $330 billion. BlackRock was the highest receiving funds with $129 billion.

Etf’s or gaining popularity last couple of years. The Etf’s or index trackers are relative low cost , simple and they don’t stay behind the index they’re following. On the other hand they don’t beat the index like active funds.

The growth of the etf’s was less explosive then in years prior to 2015, in 2013 the total funds gained $190 billion. The funds from 2010 doubled in size to $2980.



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